Hosting your Website using Amplify in AWS

If you want to host your content of the website directly from the GitHub repository within few seconds.

Before Starting The Hosting of your Web site First, let’s be ready with our Code. For website content and code, I am going to just use the Templates, which are available online for free. You Can download the template from the Freebiesbug. For this article I have used the Hook: A dark HTML landing page template.

Download the Code of the template, extract it, and create a git repository. Now we will start the hosting.

Hosting On Amplify :

You can host your website on the cloud using Amplify by following the few steps :

Step 1: Open AWS console

Go to AWS console and search For AWS Amplify and then Select New App option and select Host Web app.

Step 1: Connect Amplify To GitHub

You would have two Option
1. From your existing code
2. From Fullstack samples
Select 1. From your existing code.

then select the GitHub out of other option

Step 2: Configure GitHub account With AWS amplify

You will redirect to GitHub Authorized OAuth App Configuration page to configure AWS Amplify to your GitHub account So that it can read your repository and host it .

Step 3: Add Repository branch

After configuring AWS amplify with GitHub. Now, you can see all your GitHub Repository in the Repository List .

Now select the Repository which you want to host and also its Branch.

Step 4: Configure Build Setting

After Selecting the Repository Now it is time to give the name of the App and configure the build and test setting. You can change the image setting and you can even use AWS default build container, or provide your own image.

Step 5: Review

Review all the configuration that you made to your Amplify .

And click on Save and Deploy

Step 6: Host your Website

Now your deployment will go through 4 stage

Provision Stage
Build Stage
Deploy Stage
Verify Stage

Now Click on the Link in the console (e.g. https://master… to see your Website Hosted by amplify

Any changes made in the branch of the GitHub Repository will change the deployment in few seconds.

You can use the link provide by amplify to host your website public and use it with masking with the domain of your choices

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